Team Building Programmes

here are some of the programmes that we offer

As we do have a suite of team building programmes (a larger list can be found on, we are featuring a few of them below:

featured programmes

Anergy Synergy Race
Pick from the excitement of “Amazing Race”, the suspense of “CSI” or the satisfaction of Taiwanese local food

We have run at least 280 races in different parts of Asia since 2003, number of participants ranged from 5 to over 300 people per session. Our participants have travelled on foot (around resorts), on public transportations (on MRTs, buses and taxis) and also on ferries and even planes. Some themes our clients love include “Crime Scene Detectives”, “Food Paradise” and “Speed & Strategy”.

This interesting thing about our race is that it was never designed to be cost effective like a “treasure hunt” (where 1 or 2 staff kicks off the programme and meet the participants at the end point). It was designed so that the participants get to complete team challenges at the various stations that bring reinforce learning outcomes. The races for 5 participants that we ran involved 6 staff from our side, one main trainer and 5 assistants; the one for more than 300 people involved more than 20 staff.

We are also able to customise some station tasks to meet your specific needs, just let us know that you require this option when you are enquiring with us and we will do the rest.

Laser Shootout Team Building
Paintball without the pain” (and bruises)

If you like first player shooting games like “Call of Duty – Black Ops” and “Battlefield” Series, you will L.O.V.E. our Laser Shootout teambuilding programme. Imagine shooting your opponents (or rather, your colleagues) who are 80 meters away (or more, depending on the model of gun you are holding) and yet not really hurting them in the reality (can’t say the same about their pride though).

These realistic looking laser tag guns are made of metal and weight about 1.8kg onwards. They can be set to operate in indoor as well as outdoor environment under the afternoon sun or in a dimly lit room. The firing guns emit a harmless infra-red ray (similar to our car and air conditioning remote controller) and sensors attached to the target gun receives this signal and sends it to the computer in the gun, which in turns triggers sound effects like “Ouch” and “Warning” on the target gun.

One key difference between our laser tag guns and paintball or indoor laser tag guns is therefore the range. Indoor laser tag guns need a dark environment to work and paintball guns have legal restrictions on their range, the trajectory of its rounds is also curved. Our Laser Shootout weapons are fitted with a red dot scope and the “rounds” – being infra-red light beams, shoots perfectly straight over an astounding long range (up to 120meters).

Shooting your colleagues in an organised team building activity is not only a lot of fun, it is extremely useful in reinforcing lessons on leadership, planning & execution, communication and motivation.

Video Production Team Building
bringing out adaptability and creativity

If you have been involved in the production of a video, you will realise that it is no easy feat. It involves the expertise of different specialists to produce a movie, MTV, or even a short commercial.

This programme will actually not make you into an expert in video production, but it will make you realise the potential in your team mates and maximize their potential to pull off this almost impossible task – produce a video clip based on a given theme.

Scripting, storyboarding, acting, directing, manufacturing of props and the shooting will have to be completed within a short span of time.

The finished clips will be delivered within half a day and it is one of the best mementos to remember this amazing challenge.

Anergy Great Cookout!
the next iron chef

Getting a little tired of the 5-star hotel food that you have been fed throughout your meeting and carving for a change? Why not get everyone together and challenge them in a competition to see which team has the best chefs?

The Great Cookout was designed for a client who wanted to get her participants out of their office and get them to socialize and team build over a meal, get to know one another, learn some team lessons and also feel the challenge of competition. This client has since booked us for 3 consecutive years now for this same programme.

The plan is simple. You bring your group to a spot where they can cook and buy raw ingredients, we’ll bring the rest of the stuff (minus the stove). This programme can be do indoors or outdoors, as long as the venue provider allows it (for venues that do not allow cooking, we have a variation called “Salad Dressing”).

Some of our clients have created amazing dishes during this programme.

Rocket Scientist

3… 2… 1… ignition! At the end of the countdown, participants will launch a rocket into the sky. Not just any rocket, a rocket made of paper that can fly up to 5 storeys high.

What makes rocket scientist interesting is that the different parts of the project are made by different groups of people. Some will make the rocket firing mechanism, others the launch pad and engine, and another group will be in charge of the paper rockets.

If there is available space, the rocket can be flown halfway across a football field!