bringing team building activites to you anywhere
Anergy is capable of running all of our team building programmes in any part of Asia (or almost any part of the world), as long as we are able to bring our staff (and logistics) from our office nearest to your team building venue.

From 2003, Anergy has conducted team building programmes in different asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei (in Taiwan), Beijing, Hainan, Dongguan, Huiyang (in China) Desaru, Penang, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur (in Malaysia), Bali, Bintan and Batam islands (in Indonesia), Koh Samui & Chiangmai (in Thailand).
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Anergy Synergy Race
Pick from the excitement of “Amazing Race”, the suspense of “CSI” or the satisfaction of Taiwanese local food
Laser Shootout Team Building
Paintball without the pain” (and bruises)
Video Production Team Building
It involves the expertise of different specialists to produce a movie, MTV, or even a short commercial.
Anergy Rocket Scientist!
Why not build a rocket that can fly more than 25m (indoor distance can be restricted to 12m)? More